Read Why Attendees Say about Past RFID Journal Events

"The discussions and vendor presentations open up many applications for our industry. There are always new ways presented to solve many of the same issues we face."
- Steve Luhnow, Boeing

"I had originally decided to only attend the Long Beach RFID Journal conference, but then I decided to add on the fast-track RFID Professional Institute Certified Associate training. Best decision I could've made—the training, coupled with the conference, really gave me a clear way ahead for my organization. The networking alone is worth the trip. Good job, RFID Journal!"
- Ben Fortier, Aircraft Maintenance Superintendent, Canadian Department of National Defense

“I am a big believer in RFID. When we think about the automation that this technology brings to the DoD, it allows us to be more efficient in our supply chain.”
- Brigadier General Patrick Burden, U.S. Army

“We are relying heavily on [RFID]. What used to take 76 hours of inventory time is now being done in 10 minutes using RFID technology.”
- Andy Monday, U.S. Department of Defense

“Companies are not looking at RFID for the sake of RFID. They are using it to connect to things and processes in order to build an Internet of Things.”
- Carlo Nizam, Airbus

"[RFID Journal events] have done volumes for my continued education and ability to bring worth-while applications back to my company."
- Kirk Zauderer, Manager, Manheim

"Often, conference seminars are merely marketing opportunities for sponsors and uninspiring. This environment provided a truly value-added educatory experience."
- Paul Dolnick, President, Growth Management Services

"This is my third RFID Journal event. My favorite part is the conference seminars, where you really get to understand how RFID is used for value rather than just talk about the tags."
- Floris Kleijn, CHEP


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